Job listings available in Japan

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job listings available in Japan
for those of you who want to work or are looking for a job in Japan following the country list the type of vacancies available in large quantities in the country:

State of Japan plans to invest in the world of robotics and manufacturing on a large scale. In terms of labor, China's neighboring countries such as Japan are more likely to generate jobs for foreign workers in the coming decades. And what about Japan itself? Here are some types of jobs suitable for foreigners:

1. Power Engineering

Many Japanese companies (including automotive and electronics manufacturing diindustri weight) is open to hire foreign engineers. There are so many jobs in the field of engineering in Japan - especially in the offshore.

2. Power of IT (Information Technology)

Power of IT (Information Technology)

We have had a lot of IT shops in Japan that has employed at least some foreigners in the local market. And it should be further improved.

3. Banking

Foreign investment banks tend to employ foreign workers in large numbers. In Tokyo, investment banks overhauling his staff every year. This causes an unstable environment.

They not only require bank personnel only, but also a large number of IT staff. IT staff should be able to run projects pengembangansoftware in Tokyo. Paid for IT workers is much higher in the banking world as compared to industries such as manufacturing. Competition for jobs is very tight and Japanese language skills are often not required.

4. Teachers of English

Teaching English is the most famous work of foreign workers in Japan. When you say I work in Japan, they would ask "Are you an English teacher?". In the past (1980), teaching English in Japan is a very good decision. The pay enough for your living expenses in Japan and returned home with savings. But this time, several schools for decades did not increase salaries. Many new schools have sprung up that make it difficult for teachers to teach. On days off, - teachers do not get paid.

 Teachers of English

In 2007, the largest English language school in Japan, Nova, went bankrupt and many teachers have not been paid. With so many teachers who suddenly become unemployed, it is difficult to obtain other employment. Media reported that some teachers receive food donations from former students just to survive. English Teachers rarely regret the decision to work in Japan. Even if they do not get paid big at least they get a great experience.

5. Office

If you have a valid visa and can speak Japanese - are very likely to work in the office. Many English teachers make a stepping stone of teaching in the classroom to work in the office.

6. Services Industry

Visa and language are the two main requirements for getting a job in Japan. If you have keudanya, any job will very likely be done in Japan. Japanese service industries require very formal.

There are foreigners in Japan working in fast food restaurants or teaching snowboarding classes - every job you can imagine.

7. Marketing

Some Japanese companies are very menginkan to expand its branches to the global market. These companies are in need of foreign professionals.

8. Small the con

Japan is ranked 20th of all countries in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index. Starting a small business is very difficult -this is an opportunity for foreigners to grow in Japan.

9. Bar

Japanese government to allow foreigners to work in the bar. However, many foreigners who end up working in a bar in the Roppongi nightlife district like.

10. Actor

If you can speak Jepan, not so difficult to get small roles in Japanese television and film.

11. Model
Advertising and print magazine in Japan requires a large number of foreign models. But as overseas foreign workers employed only in the short term (well-paid) or contract.


12. Sales
Some companies are in dire need of sales, especially in realizing it to other foreign companies.

13. HRD
The companies recruiting foreign workers in Japan, of course, is in desperate need profesianol HRD manager in a foreign language.

14. Researchers
Many Japanese study involving professional foreign workers. And Japan is ranked 3rd in the world for research and development (144 billion dollars per year).


Company Information About Jobs in Japan for the Study of Foreign Students in Japan

(1) Homepage JASSO
  "Support Job" (Japanese)

  "Mail Network Magazine for International Students who study in Japan" Japan Alumni eNews ", can register" (Japanese)
(2) Foreign Students JASSO Portal Site
  "Internship - Jobs after graduating" (Japanese, English) (Japanese)
(3) JASSO "Job Hunting Guide for International Students who study in Japan"
(4) Non-Profit Organization - International Foreign Students Association / IFSA (Japanese)
(Publishing "KOUGAKU Shimbun" monthly bulletin, information services support jobs, events and cultural exchange, strengthening the network of foreign students)

  "IFSA website"

  IFSA mail magazine registration including a monthly newsletter list for foreign students "KOUGAKU Shimbun"

(5) Apprentices jobs as Japanese (Kenshusei):
Jobs available for this part and a relatively large amount. The good news again is not demanding higher education atapun work experience. The type of work that is needed is for the most of the factory workers, machine operators, construction, agriculture and livestock. Bureaucracy distribution is through Sending Institution / Sending Organisation (SO).
Japanese internship program vacancy information:

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