Types of jobs that are allowed to work in Japan

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Indonesian people want to work in Japan ( Indonesian Labor ) , you must have the corresponding status or can permit.Jepang is one of the developed countries are very strict in granting a visa ( entry clearance ) . Especially for extremely tight work visa . Any type of visa to a work visa diverse categories . The Japanese do not accept migrant worker as a supermarket cashier , housekeeper , driver , etc. People are less familiar with the culture of the country using helpers . All domestic affairs generally done alone or by a cleaning company that services can be rented at any time . While job as a supermarket cashier is usually a part-time job that is done by the students or housewives .

Here's the status of migrant workers allowed to work in Japan :

Status are allowed to work People who have status under , can work in Japan according to activity status permits:
Type StatusPermitted activity undertaken
DiplomatDiplomat, Konsul, Misi hubungan dipomatik dan keluarganya
OfficialOfficers with foreign governments and international organizations, clerk in the office of a foreign official in Japan and their families
ProfessorPeople who are invited as Professor, Assistant Professor, Assistant by universities and special schools
ArtistPeople who receive income as an artist as the Composer, Painter, Engraver, skills Tailor, Tailor portrait, novelist, poet.
Religious ActivitiesReligious officers sent by the religious associations.
JournalistReporters were assigned by foreign media organizations...
Investor / Business ManagerForeigners are eligible arrangement established company, conditions of the contract and / or a career as an investor or task manager.
Legal / Accounting ServicesJapanese people qualified in the field of law as lawyers, accounting and others.
Medical ServicesJapanese people qualified in the field such as medical doctors, pharmacists and others.
ResearcherPeople who practice trial, inspection and investigation by the Japanese organization contract.
InstructorPeople who work in the field of Japanese education is elementary, junior high, high school and a special school
EngineerPeople who are qualified to work in the field of natural sciences.
Specialist in Humanities / International ServicesPeople who are qualified to work in the field of human knowledge and culture.
Intra-company TransfereePeople who are assigned to work at a subsidiary in Japan.
EntertainerPeople who hold such theatrical entertainment, Games, Singing, Dance and Sport.
Skilled LaborPeople who have proficiency in specialized fields such as cooking meals foreign country, making special items of foreign countries.
Technical Intern Training  Training

Status can not work

Status below that can not work in Japan except with the permission of the outside activity (SHIKAKUGAI-Katsudo Kyoka) is obtained by the Immigration Office.

Type StatusPermitted activity undertaken
Cultural Activitiescultural activities
Temporary VisitorTemporary Visitor
TraineeTraining / Japanese internship program
DependentDepending on the family living

Status can work freely

 Status below can work with unlimited in activities that do not violate the law. Since the status was granted in accordance with the social status in Japan.

Type Statussocial status
Permanent ResidentPermanent Resident
Spouse or Child of Japanese NationalBeing a husband, wife, son Japanese people
Spouse or Child of Permanent ResidentFamilies foreigners who have permanent residency
Long Term ResidentOccupants had been living in Japan

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I hope the information about Types of jobs that are allowed to work in Japan useful for those of you who are looking for work in japan
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