Japanese culture in the works

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Japanese culture in the works
This article discusses the culture of Japanese society in the work, let us consider the following explanation:

Speed and accuracy (quality) into two things that should be owned by every organization whether it is non-profit and non-profit organizations, in order to survive and sustainable in the middle of the rotation of information and technology very quickly.

But actually, 2 it is not simply be realized simply. Each of the factors driving the organization must work in synergy and have the capacity to be able to support the realization of organizational movement is fast and accurate.

Whatever forms of existing organizations, whose move it is the main foundation of Man. If traced to the starting point, we can see two main factors forming qualified human, namely, knowledge (knowledge) and skills (skills) or often also termed the knowhow.

One of the important knowledge to be owned by each element of the organization (employees, directors, stakeholders) is about Forward Work Culture Organization and familiarize the work culture as a form of mastery (skill).

I mean advanced organization is an organization / company which is able to produce the goods / services of high quality at high speed as well.

For that, as a representative of the organization's work culture developed, it is not wrong if we take into consideration, or more precisely analyze about the work culture of Japanese society.

What exactly is the basic mindset and culture of the Japanese people so that they can produce high quality products and high speed anyway? I will present from a different angle, let's see ..

1. To record the "brain" and "muscle"

This point is one of the basic thinking is owned by the Japanese (organizations in Japan) and completely done with the maximum. Over time and the change of generations, people who have the knowledge and expertise will age and stop. If the "brain" (ed: knowledge) and "muscle" (ed: skills) they are not diligently recorded in the form of manuals, materials, photos, videos and other forms of the cessation of their record so early rupture of knowledge and knowledge of the organization. With so slowly merapuh foundation and impact on weakening the strength of the organization as a whole.

2. Manualisasi (knowledge transfer)

Not only are they posted a senior experience, but everything connected with them post the job will be a maximum of small things. For example, how to conduct meetings right, how to write the minutes of an effective and minimally important points that should be written. Especially for basic things.

3. Tettei shita Kyouiku (Training optimally)

Training does not always refer to knowledge transfer activities are given the subject of this training and the training. But the actual training activities undertaken by the organization in Japan actors are included junior (those who are new to or inexperienced) together senior to join a lot of work. Showed and explained to them in detail and then provide opportunities for youth to do the work yourself with under supervision until the end of this junior has skills and can work independently.

Seniors have the ability to teach gradually, able to explain in detail, teach special tricks in the works and is certainly teach manual they have made previously.

4. mindset ingrained "What`s the next step?" And "What should I do?"

It's a mindset that makes them work faster, they get rid of mutual blame and throwing responsibility. In essence, they understand that problems arise in the normal course of work, but the problem is not analyzed to find out who is at fault, but find a way out together. Each section clarify the responsibilities of each so that they are clear what to do, when it collided with the problem immediately communicated with the boss or related parties.

The mindset is equipped with the ability to ask good, and the workers who do the work must record their work in the form of data, and the other in detail and accurately.

5. On what grounds?

They will be ashamed of asking the opinion, said something, report something related work if there is no valid basis (reliable). Both the data and accurate materials and work experience people who are competent.

6. Planning great

Since the beginning they were trained to make careful plans before work. Not only a great job, even small jobs they are taught to plan in advance. They predicted the first possibilities that will be encountered obstacles so that they also prepare some path / way to finish the job.

7. Senior & Junior

Japan one of the country is thick with seniority. Which comply with the older youth. This system has become a whole system of Japanese society, which shall teach juniors and seniors entitled to be respected. Junior obliged to respect and follow and are entitled to be taught.

8. Communication skills

For those who had studied in Japan, or at least stay in Japan for a longer period of time will know that since their early education taught (from school and environment) how to communicate well, starting from how to speak based interlocutor, a good way of asking for help, how to deliver something that is not offensive to others, etc.

With this communication capability greatly minimize disputes when working with others. Which also have a positive effect the realization of good cooperation and working environment light to communicate.

9. Make clear (clarify)

Do not create a floating-paced job, do not allow workers to figure out yourself.

Clarify what should be done, who is responsible, to when to do, with whom to cooperate, how to groove to do it. Obscurity is the start throwing blame and responsibility.

Similarly 9 key points mindset and culture of Japanese society in the work on the organization / company.

Hopefully useful for those of you who are trying to improve the work culture of the country.

Greetings changes.

Written by,

Gagat Sukmono, B.Eng

(S1 engineering in Japan and worked in Japan since 2009)

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