How to Work Part Time in Japan

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How to Work Part Time in Japan
According to research conducted by JASSO , approximately 76 % of students with the status of residence as a " College Student " part-time work . This type of work is the work diindustri most food . In addition, many who work in in sales, teaching language , research assistant , receptionist or hall . Hourly wages sometimes different depending on the area and type of work . As a reference , working in the food industry , wages 800 Yen- 1,200 Yen. So when working within the limits of the prescribed period of 28 hours , then the income earned into 22,400- 33,600 yen / week .

Students who wish to work part-time must obtain permission from the local immigration bureau for activities outside the resident status is granted . The requirements for activities outside the status that has been given is as follows .

1 Do not interfere with the primary task as a student
2 Aiming seek additional funds for tuition on the like for studying in Japan
3 not to work are included in the regulation and supervision of the entertainment business ethics violate public order .
4 Number of hours worked is no more than 28 hours / week ( maks.8 hours / day on a long holiday )
5 Do for still a student at the Institute of Education

Effective as of July 9, 2012 , when the exchange Resident Card when landing at the airport , Working Permit registration can also be done ( currently only at Narita Airport , Haneda , Chubu and Kansai ) .
Information can be obtained part-time employment welfare section University , or the National Public Employment Agency as " Hello Work " etc.

※ When the work without permission or work beyond the deadline or the type of work that have been defined then it is likely be deported to the country of origin .
Type of Work for Part Time Work
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List Work Part Time in Japan
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Working part-time is working in Japanese companies . So that could be a valuable lesson to learn manners and customs to work in Japanese companies . But there are also cases of foreign students are overworked part-time so could not concentrate on learning and school attendance rate is low . As a result, students are forced to return to their home country because he could not extend his residence permit . It must be remembered that the purpose of our being in Japan is to learn not to work

part time work

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