Ban fled into the country illegally entering Japan

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Ban fled into the country illegally entering Japan
Regrettable that a small number of the trainees and technical interns who come to Japan to escape, and resigned from training or technical partnerships.

Such cases can be roughly divided into two types: The first case is because there is no intention to receive training in Japan, but only want to earn money.
The trainees / apprentices as this will quickly run away as soon as they enter Japan.

The second case is tempted by the offers as "no other work place where you can make more money" during training and technical internship.

Remember that when you are training, you are supported by many people, including those who are in organisasiyang send you out of the country of origin, as well as related persons in Japan.

Although it is not known by those who escape, if escape from the training / technical internship will bring trouble to the people who support you. Companies and associations where the trainees recipients who escaped will be given a stern warning by the relevant organizations, including the Bureau of Immigration.

In some cases, the company may not be able to accept the new trainees within the next three years.

Coworkers of the trainees or technical interns who escape will be examined closely in all aspects, to prevent more people who resigned. At worst, the Immigration Bureau may instruct the company to immediately return all trainees and apprentices to their home country - even though they are not related to participants who escaped.

Organizations that send the trainees who escaped had to work hard to find out where the people who fled, and in some cases participants who fled can affect their families in the State of origin. In one case, many representatives of the media who visited the families of the trainees or technical interns who fled to obtain news, and cause problems for other people in the area where the family lived.

The trainees or apprentices are techniques that escape would be "illegal alien population" or "illegal workers" and will be arrested by the police. Trainees or technical interns who fled (ILLEGAL) of its obligations will face imprisonment, with or without labor, up to 3 years, or a fine of up to 3,000,000 yen (27,300 US dollars), or both.

Additionally, the period of Japan's refusal to enter the short will be valid for one year and a maximum of up to 10 years.

Escape from liability caused many problems, and also will damage their careers who fled. If you are tempted too, consider your goals come to Japan and act with careful consideration.

Therefore, for those who will follow an apprenticeship program to Japan do not be tempted by the lure body salary system as the recipient organization in Japan is not about the system, go back to the salary offered sending institutions, in Japan there are big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, while there are also small towns and villages. Consider that you will travel to the area.

Please understand that the candidate training / technical interns who come to Japan together with you may be distributed to different companies, so that you and your friends may be separate. One vote Author Institution / Sending Organization (SO) determines the fate of apprentices in japan

Similarly Escape Prohibition information for apprentices (Become Illegal Workers), may be useful.
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